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Frequently asked questions

How much torque should be applied to manual Macro chucks?

3Refix mandrels by Ø10 mm; screws are wearing out too fast. How to solve this problem?

How to solve the problem if upper WEDM guide collide with levelling head 3R-272HP?

How to single out size of vice?

Is levelling head for Macro 3R-262HP as stable as the regular levelling head 3R-272HP?

How well are chucks balanced for rotating spindle like lathe or grinding?

What is the maximum temperature that our tooling will withstand?

How much clamping force is acceptable before service is required?

Are there any guidance as to service intervals to be made for chucks and 3Refix mandrels?

Are there any ways to improve accuracy of 3R tooling by simple actions?

Are there any broad info of Technical Specifications covering a whole product range for OEMs?

Where to locate ID-carrier 3R-863.01-10 on old Macro pallets?

How to disable index function by 3R pallets?

What tooling adapters converting from one to an other do we have? Example ITS to Macro?

Customer is asking for a 3Refix table, but the available sizes does not match the size table.

Customer wants to build his own magazine rack for automation to harbour Matrix pallets. Are there any guideline in order to secure position?

How to convert manual chucks for short drawbar into enabling long drawbar instead?

Where to look for suitable 3Rulers (cross-bars) and reference elements for WEDM?

Are there any guidelines or examples as to how electrodes and toolsets for PM are to be produced?

How to attach an electrode onto Mini shank?

How to convert from ICS to 3R WEDM?

Experiencing inaccuracy by 3Refix. How come?

Is it possible to mount levelling or fixed head for 3R system onto ICS rail as well?

What is maximum payload for vice in WEDM?

Chuck is unable to unclamp and let go of pallet.

Which B-axis suit Fanuc Wire EDM machines?

How to keep space between chuck and pallet dry?

How to identify magazine forks?

Are there sealing covers for Macro chucks?

Why different lenght of M5 for 3Rulers?

How to align a SuperVice?

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